experience the innocence


Big Sky Country

at its best

This is a place where curtains of mayflies float up and down on subtle air currents and big trout push water around taking what they want.

A place where, when you or your kids want to feel hydraulics, you sit in a kayak and paddle behind your guide toward a rapid, feeling your adrenalin levels climb.  We play golf, but we also downhill, backcountry and cross-country ski.

We swim in clear rivers and hike in wild hills, plucking handfuls of huckleberries to eat as we go. We bird—spot Meadowlarks and Curlews, Tanagers and Nighthawks, Red-tailed Hawks and Bald Eagles, and rare Plovers.

We ride bikes up single-track trails and bomb back down them, but just as often wander around identifying wildflowers or butterflies. We hunt pheasants with dogs. We hunt ducks from blinds. We bugle for bull elk, and rattle in trophy whitetails.

Where we live, we live close to the world. We live in Montana at Stock Farm.


Take it ouside.

Take it outside.

When a designer like Tom Fazio imagines a golf course in a place like Montana, he conjures a course from what the landscape offers. The Stock Farm course, a place so beautiful hikers treasure it as much as golfers, blends technical challenges with natural awe.

The tee box on #3, a signature hole, sits across a ravine full of sagebrush, pine and native grasses. You’re swinging for a fairway that swells and rolls toward the green—but your target could be the massive Bitterroot Mountain range that serves as a backdrop.

This is a private Montana golf course you play immersed in nature, not bending between condos. Enclosed by pine forest, the 18th fairway is so gorgeous it’s hard to want to end your round.

But then there’s the Clubhouse, a stately 15,000-square-foot setting where cocktails are shared and families gather for meals.





Home away from away.

Home away

from away

These days, you’re not trying to get “away from it all.” You get away to get back to yourself. Taking time out means trying to find a sense of how life is lived richly, and how a home can come to feel cherished. It’s finding that balance between a far-flung, activity-packed life and a world that lets you discover it at your own pace.

Western Montana’s Bitterroot Valley is a world outside—outside your imagination, outside your expectations, outside the world you know. And there’s no shortage of just plain outside, either, beneath a sky barely big enough to hold all the light. Between the ridges climbing toward the Bitterroot Mountains’ scalloped granite spires, canyons cradle surprises—hidden lakes, cool swimming holes, scenic vistas.





Living – unscripted stories.


unscripted stories

Where you choose to settle within this 2,600-acre property begins your narrative on the land. It’s your story, unfolding in your time. The shared spaces and cozy corners of your home fill with the history of your family—summers in the sun, a daughter’s hair wet from the river, a son’s face aglow from hiking the golden hills.

Only you can tell the stories of your kids’ first reaction to a red fox running across a meadow, long tail flowing behind it like an echo of its undulating gallop. Or how you all stepped outside in pajamas one night to hear a quick riff of coyotes—song-dogs warbling their baroque proclamations to the star-riddled sky.





Your Montana ranch is here.
Come get it.

For a personal tour of the Stock Farm Club and the surrounding area, please contact Jim Schueler 406-375-1888 or Schueler@si406.com .